Antique Lamp Shades- A Guide

Antique lamp shades are back in popularity and home owners coast to coast want to buy one to add accent to their home decor. No matter what type of interior decor, traditional, eclectic, classic or modern, old shades always draw admiration from visitors while adding a classical look to the space. They can easily change the mood of the place and provide historical flavor to your home.

Touch of the craftsman’s hand

Primarily, antique lamp shades are valued for their craftsmanship which is done totally by hand and the curves and designs are even. Modern lamp shades are mass produced in factories and do not have the human element in them. Craftsmen of olden times could bring their creativity to bear on the shades they produced. People have begun to love them for the personal touch they contain even though they are more expensive than modern shades.

Machine produced shades are not known for their consistency in finish while the handcrafted antique lamp shades have grandeur and history embedded in them. The main reason for the high price is due to limited availability of the shades.

As very few are available these days, they are primarily collector’s items. It is easy for antique shades to catch the fancy of the connoisseur of fine items and are a collector’s dream.

It does not matter if you are replacing your existing shade for a vintage option. You can also buy one if you are building a new home. There are several online retailers of exquisite old Lamp Shades as well as brick and mortar stores selling light fittings. You can check out the options of shades available in satin, amberina, mother of pearl or in different forms of attractive cut glass on different colors as well.

Piece of history in your home

Depending on where you want to place the shade, you can choose the color and design from a wide array of models. But you need to do some homework for differentiating between originals and fakes. Buying from reputed retailers would be a better bet than from fly by night operators who can offer you vintage lamp shades at a lower price.

The lamps of the 18th century were commonly made with double layer shades of opal. These shades have been in vogue for centuries in the homes of the famous and wealthy, but nowadays, average home owners want to own one to bring a bit of history (and beauty) into their homes.

The quality of craftsmanship and aesthetic sense is primarily responsible for the surge in demand. The earliest shades were primarily glass, but after electricity came in, various other materials were toyed with for the creation of what are now considered antique lamp shades.