If you are going to be using pet sitting or boarding services, it’s best to have made a checklist. This will help you ensure you have gathered everything you need for your pet’s check in. Here are some tips:

-Your pet’s proof of vaccinations

-Your pet’s Microchip number

-A signed release form, allowing permission for the pet boarder to provide Veterinarian attention, should it be required.Continue reading thisĀ Charlotte pet sitting.

-Your Veterinarian contact information.

-A sign registration from, with your contact information and itinerary where you can be contacted. If you can’t be contacted, have a back up contact information ready, with signed release forms if necessary.

-Any special instructions or requirements. If your pet is taking medication, leave in original sealed container, with directions. Make sure there is enough medication to cover the duration of the stay.

-Your dog’s collar and leash. Make sure your dog’s identification tags are attached on the collar.

-If your dog has special bedding and is allowed. Some pet boarding facilities will not allow full size bedding and must be washable material.

-Dog food and treats. Sometimes it is requested that portions be predivided into single servings beforehand. Ensure there is adequate supply to accommodate the stay. -If your dog has special food requirements or needs, write the instructions and in some cases label. Also note the information as to the brand of food and quantity in case more needs to be purchased.

-Any other supplements your dog may be on, and provide a tooth brush and tooth paste.

-It’s sometimes nice to bring a familiar object that has the scent of home on it for your dog. This can often be accommodated with the dogs bedding.

To help your dog with the transition, by having a previsit where your pet had a chance to “smell and sniff” out the location and preferably has previously met the owner and staff.

These tips will hopefully help you get organized and take some of the stress out of the possible difficult time parting with your pet, at the pet sitter.